Classified Ads

Classified Ads

Classified advertising is a form of advertising, particularly common in newspapers, online and other periodicals.

Classified Ads

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Environmental impact

The environmental impact can be negative, positive, direct, indirect, reversible, irreversible, continuous, periodic, cumulative and residual. In Mexico, the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources “SEMARNAT” is the entity responsible for receiving, evaluating and resolving environmental impact reports, from natural or legal persons who wish to develop a project, that includes work or activity indicated in article 28 of the LGEEPA and 5th of the RLGEEPAMEIA, but that do not involve substances or activities considered highly risky according to what is indicated in the “First and Second Lists of highly risky activities”, published in the DOF, on March 28th, 1990 and May 4th, 1992.

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